UK approval for Redflex fixed enforcement systems


Redflex Traffic Systems has received UK Home Office type approval (HOTA) for its suite of fixed red light and speed enforcement systems, comprising REDFLEXred and REDFLEXspeed.

Although the system accurately captures intersection red light, speed or simultaneous red light and speed offences, Home Office approval has been given for single red light and speed offences only. Speeding through a green light will be seen as a speed offence; crossing a red light will carry the usual red light violation penalty. Speeding through a red light will be prosecuted as a red light violation, although police have discretion on whether the speeding element should be prosecuted.

Both REDFLEXred and REDFLEXspeed are designed for intersection enforcement, with REDFLEXspeed capable of detecting red light and speeding violations simultaneously. REDFLEXspeed is a dedicated speed enforcement system ideal for enforcing speed limits on highways and major roads.

These systems utilise an 11 megapixel high resolution digital camera to provide high resolution colour images for reliable offence verification across up to six lanes of traffic.

Loop detectors, controlled by Redflex's proprietary digital signal processing, provide speed detection and accuracy and, together with the camera, positive vehicle and lane identification.

The systems are also able to photograph simultaneous offences by the same vehicle and multiple offending vehicles at the same time, with vehicle and lane identification. The system is highly customisable, with a range of options, including contextual live video and auxiliary front view cameras to enable users to configure a system that suits their needs.

Says Ricardo Fiusco, Redflex CEO: "We are delighted that the Redflex range of speed and red light enforcement systems has been awarded UK type approval, one of the most stringent in the world. The timing for this coincides with our plans for the UK and European markets."