Intelligent Traffic Management

We offer a range of intelligent traffic management solutions to address road congestion and safety.

Redflex develops and delivers leading edge photo enforcement technology, supported through exceptional service that enables our clients to reliably and consistently address driver behaviour, through enforcement at known road blackspots.

Our Hardware

We partner with leading edge industrial camera and component manufacturers to ensure we are well placed to deliver the best solutions to our clients. Our hardware can be readily customised to our clients’ requirements, including proofing for environmental factors.

Our Software

At Redflex we design and build our patented software which ensures our solutions enable our customers to capture, process, protect or enforce the targeted behaviour. This includes –

  • Development & integration for all external sensory devices (ANPR, 3DHD, Radar, Laser, Speed, Red light, CCTV).
  • Development of software for business process management engines for law enforcement agencies.
  • Software development of network integration and monitoring engines of external sensory devices.

Our Service

Redflex services provides an extensive and leading edge suite of services to our clients and partners. These include –

  • Advisory: Customer advice to ensure you are aware of best practices in intelligent traffic systems, to enable you to make informed decisions on your operations and technology strategy.
  • Design: Services to prepare you for successful integration into your operations environment.
  • Integration: Project management and technical integration services to ensure effective risk management to enable your solution to be fit for purpose from day one of a project.
  • Support & Maintenance: Post-integration support to ensure the outcomes of your businesses are continually achieved, through help desk, proactive monitoring and field support, reporting, analysis and continual improvement.
  • Managed Services: We are equipped to manage the full lifecycle of your own ITS environment, to enable you to focus on what is core to your business.
  • Financing: We can provide flexible financing options to offset the upfront capital investment as part of a managed service offer.

To learn more about how we can work with you, please contact your nearest Redflex office or complete the enquiry form below.


Managed Motorways Detection

Our advanced radar processing algorithms, installed on our standard roadside processing platform, are able to detect vehicles that are:
• Slow moving;
• Travelling in the wrong direction;
• Speeding;
• Slow lanes;
• Tailgating and close following;
• Stopped including in breakdown bays; and
• Travelling in closed lanes

Our systems are also able to:
• Calculate travel time; and
• Collect a range of vehicle statistics.

Intersection Control

Through the use of sophisticated tracking algorithms and leading edge radar devices, our advanced intersection control system provides increased traffic data to enable greater management of traffic flows.

Travel Time Monitor

Our point detection systems can monitor vehicle speeds and lane occupancy both at a point and across an up to three hundred metre zone to provide best in class travel time and incident detection information.

Furthermore, Redflex automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems can be used in point to point speed enforcement to match and verify real world travel times across a road network.

Pollution Detection

Our pollution detection system monitors particulate counts of exhaust stack emissions to detect and record heavy vehicles exceeding environmental emissions limits in tunnels.

Over Height

Our real-time laser and image based systems can detect when a vehicle height exceeds a pre-set threshold, and also measure the heights of vehicles.