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Morristown, Tennessee Police Department Releases Data Showing Photo Enforcement Decreased Traffic Crashes

PHOENIX, Ariz.—February 10, 2010—The Morristown, Tenn. Police Department has publicly attributed a significant reduction in traffic collisions and increased police enforcement productivity to its photo enforcement program. According to the Morristown Police Department, the photo enforcement program deployed at three intersections in Morristown has saved lives by reducing the number of vehicular collisions and freed up officers to conduct targeted enforcement. Key findings in 2009 as compared to 2008 have shown:

• Officers responded to 1,652 crashes in 2008, and to 1,311 crashes in 2009, which is a 26.01 percent decrease overall.

• In 2008, there were seven traffic fatalities reported. In 2009, there was one traffic related fatality reported.

• Of the 341 fewer overall crashes in 2009 as compared to 2008, there were 236 less crashes on three major roadways (Davy Crockett Parkway, Morris Boulevard, and West Andrew Johnson Hwy) during the same time period.

"Using a collective approach to address the issue of reducing traffic crashes appears to have been highly successful," stated Morristown Police Chief Roger Overholt. "Our overall goal is to make our streets as safe as possible. This can only be accomplished by modifying the behavior of our drivers."

"We are pleased at the success the city of Morristown has seen, both in accident reduction and the peripheral benefits of additional officer time," said Karen Finley, President and CEO of Redflex Traffic Systems. "At Redflex, public safety is our number one goal and the significant decrease in collisions are a testament to that."