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Plano, Texas Reduces Red-Light Running Violations, Crashes with Photo Enforcement Program

With a long-standing commitment to traffic safety, the city of Plano, Texas reported a substantial increase in roadway safety as a result of its red-light camera program. According to recently released 2016 data, the city reduced red-light running crashes by 33 percent, reduced total intersection crashes by 50 percent and decreased rear-end crashes by 70 …

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Technology In Action: Handheld Speed Cameras Help Curb Dangerous Driving Behaviors

In 2014, the state of Ohio implemented a law that required a police officer to be physically present when delivering traffic citations – effectively banning red light and fixed speed cameras that monitor dangerous intersections and roadways.

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500 Cities and Growing: A Closer Look at the Communities Leading the Traffic Safety Revolution in North America

Every city, large and small, struggles with traffic issues, including congested roadways, speeding, dangerous driving or chronic red-light running.

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